Monday, April 5, 2010


{General Conference}

This was such a wonderful weekend for me. Before conference started I wrote down things I was struggling with and worrying about. It felt like each talk was just for me. I heard the council, comfort, and exact plans to better myself and my family. I love my DVR. It made watching it with interruptions so easy. It took me 4 hours to get through the Saturday afternoon session. But being able to pause it and keep going makes such a difference! I can't wait till it comes out in print.


Easter was pretty different this year. We didn't do the big Easter dinner, and not having church made it seem different too. The kids did dye eggs Saturday and have a hunt. Sunday Jeremy's mom wanted everyone to come to her house for sandwiches and potato salad. It was nice to be with her and feel of her sweet spirit. This was very bittersweet for me.


Life for us has changed in many ways. For about the last month I am finding out to a little extent what it feels like to be a single parent. How grateful I am for a husband! To all single mothers out there, I am not sure how you do it. But you are some of the strongest women I know. Jeremy spends early mornings and evenings at his parents being with his mother. This is something that has really brought us a lot closer. This experience has been one of the hardest things we have really gone through. I lost both my grandparents to cancer, but they were older. I feel like I am loosing a mother also. She has always loved me just like a daughter. She has been not only like a mother to me but a dear friend. I have had a hard time wanting to blog lately. My emotions are very tender. But I do have to say, this has really changed my perspective on life and family. All the petty things that once seemed a big deal are no longer even an issue. Life is so fragile. Enjoy each day. Tell your family how much you love them. How grateful I am for the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and for my temple covenants. In the last month I went from my temple covenants being something I knew to be true but that mostly seemed the blessings would come in the future, to now they are what keeps me going each day. How blessed we are to have the Holy Ghost in our lives as a comforter. How blessed we are that our families can be forever!


The Nielson's said...

I know your feelings about many things you have shared. Life is hard and life is fragile. I love you guys!!!! I hope you know that!

love, em

Darci said...

There are all kinds of reminders in our lives to help us keep things in perspective. In many ways I have already lost my mother even though she's not actually gone. You are certainly relying on those who can give you the most support. Keep up the good work at home, give Jeremy an extra hug too!


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