Tuesday, April 6, 2010

35 Weeks

It is really hard to believe that this pregnancy is almost over. In some ways it has gone by fast and other not so much. But this is our last baby and it seems kind of crazy. But we feel our family is complete. I am looking forward to all the upcoming stages in life with the kids. I thought I would be really sad to know we were complete. But I guess that I don't means we really are. I am so excited to meet this sweet spirit coming to our home. All my children are so unique. I loved all the conference talks about teaching our children in the home. It gave me the hope that we can raise righteous children in these crazy last days. Some days I want to completely pull my hair out, but it is all worth it. And listening to conference gave me the reassurance that the path I am on is the right one despite what the world says. Being blesses with children is a miracle in itself. I have 5 weeks to go and Jeremy is really praying that his mother will be here to see the baby. I know in my heart even if she is not here she will still be blessed to see that grandchild. The temple dedication is around the corner. So many things we want to share with her. But we both know it is in the Lords hands. So on one hand I am ready for the baby to come. But then it will probably mean we have lost Linda. But I think the birth of a baby will help heal our hearts. Something so sweet coming right from our Father in Heaven.

This is a picture taken at night by one of my cousins. I took it from his facebook! Thanks Dusty for sharing! I love to see the Temple. I can't wait to take our children through it for the open house. We are so blessed to live 5 minutes away. The kids have really enjoyed watching it be built. An experience we will probably never have again.

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