Monday, May 17, 2010

It's About Time

I decided today that it was time to post something. I have been putting it off for many reasons. But I am missing a lot of journaling moments with my family. Especially our newest addition. My pictures are not wonderful. I have nothing scrapbooked. But I am getting to spend a lot of time holding the sweet little guy. He is such a wonderful baby. He is sleeping about 6 hours for me at night. So I feel pretty good in the mornings. He only cries when he is hungry. I am really trying to enjoy each moment knowing he is our last. Things are pretty crazy around here. Lots of laundry, the floor is a mess, and dishes piled up. My routine went out the door. But I am trying to tell myself in a few months he will be older and things will get back to normal. I want to enjoy each day while he is so tiny. Spreading my attention out has been somewhat difficult. Fisher loves the baby and wants to kiss him all the time.

Life for us in the past couple months has really changed. Some things are really hard, but we have had a lot of joy too. I miss Jeremy's mom more than I can express. She loved me unconditionally, she encouraged me and always told me what a wonderful person I was. Even though I am not as wonderful as she would say, it made me want to be. Now I am striving to be the best I can and help my family to be so we can be with her again. How blessed I am to have the knowledge and testimony of the gospel.

BYU TV just aired BYU Women's Conference for 2010 and I have really been enjoying each talk. They uplift, encourage, and strengthen me as a wife and mother. To know that what I can trying to accomplish each day is really worth all the hard work and tears keeps me going. I am so grateful for this little family I have been blessed with. What a privilege. I am also so grateful for Jeremy. He puts up with me and listens to all my life's trials and a mother. He not only listens, but he strengthens me. I am so blessed he honors his priesthood and we can partake of its blessings as a family.

I am so excited the temple will be dedicated and open soon. Jeremy's dad was called to be a temple worker. I am so excited for me. What better place to feel of Heavenly Father's and Linda's love for him. To have the temple 5 minutes away seems unbelievable. The temple has always been a place of peace and strength to me. The kids really enjoyed going to the open house. The loved how everything was so sparkly and clean, and so quiet and peaceful. I hope my children never forget that experience. Everything we are here on this earth for is found within the temple walls.


wilhelmway said...

aw...he is so cute~! I hope you will let me know if you need anything! Hope we can see you soon!

MelissanWinslow said...

Oh Mary we are so happy for you. I'm very excited to have him born on my birthday!! :) Hopefully we can come visit again soon. Sure love your guts and miss you tons!!


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