Thursday, August 12, 2010

Checkout Line Judgment

Do you ever find yourself waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store and you start noticing the lady behind you. She is well dressed, her children look like they just came from Baby Gap, she has all organic items in her cart and it's filled to brim with veggies and fruit, and to top it off she is caring a fabulous handbag. Then you start feeling like a terrible mother, wondering if your children even remembered to brush their teeth before school. Then you look down at what your wearing and feel completely frumpy, only to begin to start thinking how your wardrobe could really use a face lift and how you need to loose 30 pounds, but who has the money or the energy! Well that was me yesterday. I stood in the line for only about 5 minutes, and walked away feeling like a complete failure. That lady didn't look at me in judging way, she didn't inspect my cart and gasp, but I allowed myself to judge ME. Why do we compare ourselves to others we don't even know?? Why are we so hard on ourselves. I didn't know her, but yet I walked away not feeling good enough as a women or mother. I just don't understand it sometimes. I felt like she "Had It All". When I got out to my car I think I really realized what I had just done. It was ridiculous! I didn't know that lady. I knew nothing about her, but yet I completely judged her and put myself down. Does anyone ever find themselves there? We look at people with a bigger house, a nicer car, vacations we would love to go on, and so on, long for those things and forget our own blessings?? Not having any kids with me I was free to think and I thought about it on the way home. Then as I was passing the temple a peace came to me, and the thought came into my mind, "You are a daughter of Heavenly Father, and you are doing just fine, be kind to yourself." I think I completely forgot who I am and what I am doing. It is so easy to be distracted with things of the world and let Satan take over. Our minds are powerful. A word was never exchanged in that checkout line, but I had created those feelings of self doubt myself. So next time I am in the checkout line I will be just a little kinder to myself and remember to not judge the lady behind. Or, just look straight forward and sing "Count Your Many Blessings"!!


MelissanWinslow said...

I love it. It is soo true. I rarely ever give myself enough credit. I am quick to discount my blessings when I see someone i think "has it all." And yet, none of those things are the things by which we will measure our eternal happiness.

So, pears, yeah, can we come this weekend? call me.

BiggsFamily said...

I love that you blogged about this. I feel the same way TOO many times, so thanks for the reminder that we are of worth and our heavenly father loves us no matter the contents of our cart :)!


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