Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sickness and Life

So all the family is still sick.  Hunter did go back to school today though.  He hasn't been all week.  Fisher and Savanna are still fighting fevers today.  It has been pretty crazy with all this sickness for the past 4 weeks.  I am ready to get out of here and go somewhere!

Last year we had some exciting things happen to our family, one of which Jeremy was promoted to a Senior Engineer.  I am so proud of him and his hard work.  He loves his job and is very good at what he does.  He has been very blessed with all the economic problems this world is facing.  But I keep telling him the Lord has things in store for us to do!

Last weekend we went to the store and stocked back up our Food Shelves.  It felt so good to know that we have a variety of things on hand.  To know that we wouldn't have to rush to the store if something happened brings me a lot of peace.  Just following the PROPHET even if nothing does happen brings me peace.  I love how we never have to fear if we follow the Prophet.  He will always guide us along the path.

The kids are so excited this week for their Valentine Parties at school.  Carlee made IPods of of a box of candy hearts, strings for the cord to the Reece's peanut butter cup ear buds.  They are so cute! Loralie and Hunter picked out Fun Dip Valentines for their friends.  I can remember how fun school parties were.   I loved school as a young child.  So many fun memories.

We have been busily working on the Book of Mormon with the kids for the Primary project.  I love the spirit we feel in the home as we are listening or reading from the Book of Mormon.  So many blessings are promised by reading from it's words daily.

I am really getting excited for the weather to warm up.  Spring is my favorite season.  We have some really fun things planned as a family this year.  We are planning a trip to Utah to see temples and friends and go to Salt Lake City and see the Church stuff their.  I have never been to my remembrance.  Jeremy also has some free fly er miles from his trip to Africa and we are planning on going to New York City.  I am super excited about that!  I think we are planning on that for our Anniversary trip. I would love to go in the fall!  I heard it is beautiful then.

Life for our family is GOOD.  The Lord is watching over us and blessing us abundantly.  I know he truly does know and love us individually.

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