Thursday, March 3, 2011


{Being A Single Mother} this week anyway.  Jeremy went to a training in Tucson from Monday-Thursday night.  I am tired I will admit, but it was a great week.  I got a lot done.  I did lots of stuff with the kids.  We play a lot outside due to fabulous weather.  I got my  Mind Organization for MOMS all finished.  Love the system!  You can get the E-book free.  Click the link to find out how!  Read from lots of good books.  And Hunter and I played lots of baseball.  He is such a good little athlete.  He has loved sports since he could kick a ball.  I had lots of fun girl time after the kids went to bed with Carlee & Loralie.  They are becoming such sweet young ladies and really fun to spend time with.  We watched Flywheel we got from Netflicks.  Good movie.  Same people as Fireproof.  But most of all, by mind really got a detox.  I really tried to relax and clear my mind.  I stress a lot when it is time for Jeremy to come in the evening.  I was thing perfect for him, and with 6 kids, perfect is near impossible.  I am so happy he is coming home tonight!  Maybe we will even have time to plan some of our upcoming Utah trip!

p.s. This little guy has been the sweetest, most fun child this week.  I bought him Toy Story 1 & 3 and he is in heaven (notice his undies).  Now I justified it cause we will need more movies for our 14 hour drive to Utah next month!


MelissanWinslow said...

love it Mary. He is soo cute!

Andy and Michele said...

14 hour drive with six kids? You are so my hero!! I'm such an awful vt, I didn't know Jeremy was gone - I'm sorry!! Thank goodness for your older girls and the beautiful weather.


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