Tuesday, March 1, 2011

letting the light shine on my feet

I bought a rug.

A bright Green HAPPY outdoor rug.

Jeremy and I cleaned up the back porch and we made some sitting areas.  My favorite is the bright green rug with our two black outdoor rocking chairs.  This is where we sit together in the afternoons and relax.  He tells me about his long very task filled day.  It is where I take a deep relaxing breath and take in all my day was.  This is one of my favorite times of the year.  We sit outside a lot together in the rockers or our front porch double rocker.  We calls this time our "Date Time"  The moments are only small moments before one of the kids need something.  But they are wonderful.

For the past month I have really been struggling with happiness.  I have been overwhelmed, stressed, tired, sick and everything else.  I knew it was time to SLOW DOWN and regroup again.  Why is it I have to do this every so often??  I guess I let myself get off balance.  Well, it came to a breaking point.  One Saturday I told Loralie to put on her shoes we were going out alone together.  Jeremy was sweet to keep all the kids for me.  We went and had a late lunch and then went browsing at the LDS bookstore.  One of my favorite places.  I love books!  Well, I came across a book that was an answer to my prayers.

"Enjoying the Journey" Steps to Finding Joy Now.  It was the reminder I needed.  Enjoy each day!  I was letting all the small moments pass me by focusing on all the tomorrows.  It is a must read.

I spent some of yesterday planning out a daily schedule.  This way I could get all the important things done daily and not forget anything.  But also I scheduled time to spend doing NOTHING.  Just relaxing and enjoying my day. 

Today I went out to the porch with all three of the younger kids.  I sat Graham on the rug beside me.  The rug was half in the bright sunlight and half off.  So I lay on the rug with my feet in the sunlight.  Oh how I enjoyed the warmth of the sun.  It felt good.  It felt peaceful.  I even heard the birds singing outside.  I am sure they sing everyday, but I wouldn't have known it!  I was more relaxed then I have been in months!  I watched my children play, read a book, and watched Graham explore the outdoors.

I have realized we need to step out of our lives each day and enjoy moments in our lives.  If not we will have collected a whole lot of empty yesterdays.


MelissanWinslow said...

I love rocking on your rockers. There is such relaxation in rocking in a rocker! LOVE LOVE LOVE the green rug!

Andy and Michele said...

That was such a good reminder. I too have just been overwhelmed & stressed lately. It's time to refocus. Thanks Mary!

BiggsFamily said...

I always love how you are able to put things into a great perspective!! I seriously look up to you as a mom and the wonderful things you do!!


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