Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Learning Circle

About two months ago I decided to start a Learning Circle and invited some local ladies.  It has been such a wonderful experience!  The articles are wonderful and really motivate you to become the mother and women you want to be without the guilt.  We currently have 5 in our group and would love more if anyone is interested.  It only cost $20.00 a year and is so worth it!  If you are not in my area and would like to start your own group click the button below.  As a mother we need a support group where you can honestly talk about all the mothering challenges we face.  I love the ladies in my group & always leave feeling encouraged!  Just to know that other moms are facing the same things is a comfort.

What is a Power of Moms Learning Circle?

  • part girls’ night out (with a meaningful purpose – in addition to having a great time)
  • part book group (with a lot less pages to read…yep, you can complete the reading for each month in about 30 minutes)
  • part support group (we all need more opportunities to learn from, encourage, and even sometimes commiserate with other moms)
  • part motherhood course (because you deserve a monthly class to help you grow yourself, build your fellow mothers, and shape the future that starts right in your own home)
A Learning Circle involves 5-12 mothers who gather each month for great conversation centered on an excellent in-depth article.  
The Power of Moms provides our Learning Circle Leaders with the following:
  • step-by-step instructions to start up a very fun and effective group
  • thought-provoking, fun-to-read articles, great discussion questions and simple assignments to go with each month’s topic

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