Monday, May 30, 2011

Our Utah Trip Part One

At the beginning of the year I found out that The Power of Moms was having a retreat in Park City.  And to top it off two of my favorite authors would be speaking and hosting it at thier home!  I was beyond excited and asked Jeremy if he would take me.  So we decided to make a family trip out of it.  I have never been to Salt Lake City and wanted to see Temple Square and go to the Salt Lake Temple.  Well about two weeks before it was time to go our parents talked us out of taking the kids.  They insisted they would be so bored in the car for 15 hours and we would not have as much fun seeing all the sites with kids.  I was very reluctant but thought it over and agreed.  With hind sight now I am so glad we didn't take them.  The 2 older ones would have enjoyed it, but not so much the younger ones.  So we bought plane tickets and left on a Friday.  We flew out Saturday morning and arrived early Saturday in Salt Lake City.  We got our rental car and went straight to Temple Square.  My long time really should be sister Valerie Claussen and her family met up with us and we took some tours.  It was a beautiful day with some light rain.


BiggsFamily said...

How FUN!!! I found that I absolutley LOVED Salt Lake City, and with no kids that would be so fun!! Im sure the ladies gave amazing talks!! Glad you could go!!!

Andy and Michele said...

Oh, what a nice get away for you two! I so want to do the whole SL tour. You two are such a cute couple! Love the pictures.


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