Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Enjoying the Summer

Summer has been flying by.  First we started the summer by just returning from Utah.  Then I was off with Graham and my parents for a quick visit to see my sister Emily and her sweet family.  I hadn't see her house since they moved so her husband could attend ASU.  There home is so cute.  We had fun shopping, eating, and visiting.  It was MUCH needed, and we decided we will be doing it a lot more often.  My kids were disappointed they didn't get to go.  But having time with just the adults was wonderful.

Then right after we got home we got a call from our dear friends the McNeill's.  Because of the wildfire they needed a place to come to get away from the fire and wanted to know if  they could come and play for a week!  We had so much fun.  We went swimming, played in the sprinklers. the trampoline, we to lunch, attended the temple, watched movies, went on a date, lots of "Retail Therapy"!  My kids were so sad when they left.  Fisher kept asking where David was.

We are enjoying swimming lessons, baseball, movies, crafts, family work, finishing our playhouse/girls clubhouse, friends, and just being together.  I love Summer!


Andy and Michele said...

I know, I am just LOVING summer! Isn't it just wonderful to have all this somewhat free time to spend together. After the crazy month of May, June is just a breath of fresh air!

You guys have done some really fun things. Love all the pictures. Your fam picture at the top is beautiful!

Suni said...

I love summer too, its so nice to have a lot of family time. I don't know if I already said but I LOVE your new family pictures, they are so dang cute!!


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