Monday, August 29, 2011

{Fisher is 3}

To start the {celebration}this year my sweet sister Em and her family send Fisher this in the mail.  He thought it was pretty cool to get a letter at the post office!

Thanks Em, we love you.  Can you tell by the look on his face??

He carried this around all day and showed everyone that he saw.

 By the end of day it was pretty worn out and loved.

Fisher was so excited for his {Birthday} this year!  All day long he had a smile on his face and milked it for all it was worth. 

He brings such a big smile to my face!

He got a soft cuddly Lightening McQueen blanket this year. He loves to sleep with it.

When daddy and the kids got home we took them to the wash to play.  Fisher loves to splash in the water.  He was {WAY} excited about that.

It turned out to be a muddy disaster......

So we went home and sprayed them off in the hose.

Then came is excitement.  Grandpa Saline pulled up and it was time for {Cake}!!

Fisher was so happy about his candles!

He said it was the {BEST BIRTHDAY EVER}!!!!

Love those words.

Love this little guy!

{Things to Remember}

 * Turned 3, tells everyone he is 5
 * Eats, Sleeps, and Baths with Lightening McQueen
 * Crawls into bed with Daddy and Mommy {EVERY} night
 * Repeats everything you say
 * LOVES to play outside all day if he could
 * Gives lots of kisses and hugs
 * Tells me he loves me 50 times a day
 * Thinks his big brother  is the coolest EVER
 * Loves Chocolate with his Mommy
 * Seeks out water everywhere he goes to get into to
 * His most favorite thing in the world to do is ride the "fillo-willo" {Four Wheeler}
 * Knows all the letters in the alphabet and their sounds

1 comment:

Rex and Emily said...

I'm really glad he enjoyed the letter!!! We don't have a lot but we want everyone to know that we love them! And besides, what's more fun to a kid than getting mail??? We love you all!



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