Tuesday, August 30, 2011


One of our peach trees was very fruitful this year.  We had so many yummy beautiful peaches.  After we ate till we had our fill we froze the rest so they may be enjoyed this winter.

Hunter and I picked all the peaches this year together.  We had such a delightful time.  It is amazing when you are doing some kind of work with your children how they will open up and tell you all about their lives.  I learned many things about school, friends, and things we wants to do.  Hunter is our BUSY son.  He loves to play and work outside.  He is always moving and asking questions.  Hunter is quick to love and forgive.   I love these special one on one moments with each of my children.  I am learning to live in those moments more and forget about all that is going on around me at the time.  

I am {cherishing the simple special moments}
of picking peaches with an incredible little spirit we've been bless with.

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wilhelmway said...

YUMMY!!! I am coming for peach cobbler. :) And what a cute pic of you and HUNTER! LOVE IT


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