Wednesday, August 24, 2011

pure enjoyment

{Aravaipa Canyon}

We continued to celebrate the beautiful August weather by driving to Aravaipa this weekend. One of my most {favorite} places to go.  The drive is gorgeous and the views are breath taking.  We rolled down our windows and enjoyed the fresh air.  The grass was a luscious green and the view of the mountains were amazing.  It is so peaceful out there. 

We have decided to put this one at the top of our favorites list!  But these days anyplace with clear cool water is a hit with the kids!  Jeremy and I even put our feet in and gave our tired feet a
"mud treatment".  There is such a calming affect to put your feet in creek water.  I so grateful that Heavenly Father has given us the beauty of nature to go  and retreat to so we can relax and find peace within.  Something about being still in nature will bring you so close to heaven.

Jeremy was walking in the water and he stepped in some mud that sucked in his shoe.  It took his a while to get it find it and get it out.  It was the weirdest thing!

Our time there was wonderful.  The way home was perfect.  It is gorgeous there when the sun is lowering.  The kids were worn out eating their snack, and we had the windows down with the breeze in our hair. 

No better way to end a perfect day!

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