Tuesday, August 23, 2011


.....started rough.

The kids wouldn't get up.

I decided I have to sleep till 6.  These afternoon headaches are killing me.

Hunter didn't pack his lunch last night. {We figured it out at 7:45}.

Carlee has {misplaced} our home cell phone.

I am up to my eyeballs with laundry.

My floors are disgusting.

Children went to school sad. {I HATE that!!}

This weekend wiped me out!  I feel like we were just moving in with all the changing and cleaning.  But most of it is done, and it is starting to feel normal again.  The new arrangements are wonderful and the rooms are being used with much EXCITEMENT! 

I am really trying to slow down and enjoy these moments.  These headaches are caused from stress I am convinced.  I've realized that I go around all day trying to keep the house {PERFECT} and everything going smooth and stay on top of everything and my body is telling me to {RELAX}!!  I can do everything and keep it perfect, but I miss out on all the {little moments} of living with my family.  I decided I have to choose what I want and I've decided I want to

{cherish the moments}. 

I still can't figure out why we put so much stress on ourselves for every aspect in our lives to be perfect!  And the stress will make a person sick!  So if you come to my house and my floors are dirty or there is laundry piled up needing to be folded or my kitchen is well used, it is because I am living in the moment and  cherishing my child's childhood.  My sister had a class in RS and a lady taught it who is a councilor.  She said a lot of people's problem is they do not "live in the moments" of their lives.  I am totally understanding what she means.  I will be doing something only to be thinking about what I had to do next or a list I need to make, ect.  She suggested only thinking about what you are doing at that time and really "live" in that moment.  Then make time to make your lists and things like that. 

I took the kids to school and the bell had already rung. 

When I got home I found this beside my bed.

Happy returned, and I realized again what life is all about.

I read a wonderful article HERE this morning.

Heavenly Father new just what we would need.

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