Thursday, February 16, 2012


I signed up for most amazing online workshop this month.  We are in week two and I have gotten back my kitchen enthusiasm!  I have a new fresh look on feeding my family.  It is no longer a chore, but the JOY it should be (for the most part).  Click the picture and check it out.

registration opens tomorrow!

I made my BEST batch of almond milk yet thanks to a tip from the workshop.
Almond milk makes fantastic smoothies.

I made so super creamy yogurt, just a little over a gallon.
This is a favorite around here.

And yes, bread.  I don't know why I wait so long and get out of the habit.  Every time is comes out of the oven the smell brings feelings of instant happiness to me!  

The kids call it the GOOD BREAD.  I like that, a lot!
I am so blessed with a sweet family who loves eating all my healthy goodies.
I love when my kids have their friends over and they look at my child like what in world are you eating.  My kids think they eat normal till that happens! :)



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