Monday, March 12, 2012

dreaming of {summer}

Last week we ran away with Jeremy and enjoyed some much needed family time.  While he "enjoyed" his conference for work we played and enjoyed the warm sun.  It was so fun to pretend it was summer for a few days.  The pool was heated and the hot tub was fantastic. The kids splashed and swam while Graham and I enjoyed watching, reading  and eating.  I know some people think going anywhere with 6 kids equal complete craziness and how in the world could that be relaxing, but I soaked up every minute of it.  This little resort was in the the middle of the cutest retirement community.  We went on more walks then I can count all through the neighborhoods.  It was gorgeous there!  Plants and trees where blooming everywhere.  

I am getting more and more impatient for school to be over.  I realized during that trip I really do want my children's precious time.  Jeremy and I came to the decision that we are going to provide a home education for them.  We have dabbled in it in the past and have given up feeling we didn't have enough support or know how.  With the ways things are and the fact we want a more flexible family life, we have decided that is the best option for our family.  The kids will finish this school year out and we will begin this summer.  We will do year-round learning.  There are amazing local families who have been doing this for years, plus new families we can learn from and with.  I regret not sticking with it from the beginning, but now I really know that this is what we want for our little family.

I am looking forward to learning right along with my children.  I am excited about the places we will take them.  What a blessing it will be to see them learn and grow myself.  I feel like we have them for such a short time before they blossom and leave home to continue there mission here on earth.  I want every precious moment I can with them.  I know that home education isn't right for every family.  There are lots of opinions on the whole idea.  But I believe that no matter if it is food, diets, parenting, education, budgeting, ect it is such an individual thing we can not say what is right for anyone else.  I love that we are all different and all we can learn from each other.

We took the kids to the Mission San Xavier del Bac on our way home.  The building was absolutely gorgeous.  The history was very interesting.  I had to laugh though.  We asked the kids what they thought about it and Carlee speaks up and say how weird the music was and why would they have a dead guy in there chapel!  It made me so grateful to have  the gospel in my life.  Going there only makes your testimony grow.  And it was no comparison to the temple and the beauty found with the walls.  I love that my kids could see and feel the difference.  I love these kids so much!  And of course my wonderful husband for supporting and leading us on all our adventures!

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Melissa said...

I'm so glad it warmed up for you guys! Looks so fun!!!!


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