Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Snip Snip........

Saturday night I was giving the boys a trim on the front porch when Savanna arrived with intentions on her mind.  Savanna has been asking for months for me to cut her hair.  I was so afraid it would be a huge puff ball if I did.  She came out and asked if I would cut her hair too.  Something came over me and I did it.  She or I either one could be more happy with it.  It is just beautiful.  It looks so much thicker and just gorgeous!  All she can talk about is her hair.  She is always in the bathroom combing it and flipping it around.  She cracks me up!

Well, Loralie saw what was going on and begged me for an hour to cut hers too.  She wanted an align cut.  After much debate I took a stab at it.  I couldn't believe how well it turned out!  I have seen mine cut so many times that I went with what I've seen.  She LOVES her cut too.  They both looks so cute with short hair!  I didn't do a before, but her hair was almost to her waist!  Plus last week she earned her money and got her beloved feather she has been saving for. It is really cute too!
Carlee just wanted layers and bangs. Her bangs are so cute!  I love how my girls already know what they want and like and are becoming such sweet beautiful young ladies! 

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Andy and Michele said...

I was so afraid that I was going to read that Savanah choppped her hair off at school! I'm glad that it was mom who did it! All those cuts turned out super cute!!


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